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25 February 1985
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Hai gaiz! I'm just your average internet addicted otaku :D

I like:

* anime & manga (current favourites - Kekkaishi, Gintama, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kuroko no Basket, Giant Killing, and in general - action and sports)
* music (pretty much only electronic - but all sorts of genres from aggrotech to synthpop)
* sci-fi & fantasy (books, films, and Doctor Who)
* robots
* cats and lolcats
* internet memes
* the colour blue
* fanfics
* lulz

I dislike:

* people with bad spelling and grammar
* unreasonable people who create drama out of nothing
* people who try to impose their opinions on others
* any extremist attitudes, be it nationalism, religious extremism, obsessive political correctness etc.
* insects, children, and dogs
* getting up early

In my LJ there are:

* my fanfics
* some music recs
* picspams (mainly of anime)
* reviews of anime and films I've seen (though I'm not much of a film fan)
* some random posts about random things :)

I don't mind if you read and comment, but if you want to friend me, it would be cool if you asked permission first ;) Also, people under 16 are not welcome.

Also also, I'm the proud owner and moderator of katsuratama :D